Monday, January 13, 2014

R's pj tshirt and shorts set

The other day my daugher and I went through my fabric stash and I asked if she wanted anything to be made from this pink knit jersey and she said she wanted a pj tshirt and shorts set. It took one day to choose the patterns, check the size with clothes that fit and trace the patterns and cut them. The sewing took another day. I had no problems sewing a regular straight stitch with my usual needle. I think that's because this knit jersey is quite sturdy and substantial (I'm probably not using the right words to describe it, but hopefully you know what I mean).

Tshirt pattern: FEMALE sewing magazine S size
Shorts pattern: Japanese sewing magazine S size

The 2 patterns fit like a dream, absolutely no modifications needed. Don't you love it when this happens? And when I am sewing with knits too! Or maybe it's because I was sewing with knits. I've realised that knit fabric can be more forgiving than woven fabric. For once, the sewing went without a hitch too, no unpicking, no hair-tearing moments ... except that I sewed the neck binding seam right at the the middle of the front neckline when I had really wanted to sew it to the back. You can see the seam in the photo below. Oh well, c'est la vie :) I think I was kind of excited while sewing the neckline becuase it's the first time I'm sewing neckline binding on jersey. Since these pjs fit so well, we're going to look for more knit jersey to sew another set. I am hoping that either Spotlight or the shops in People's Park will have Hello Kitty knit jersey, fingers crossed. 

And I almost forgot to tell you the best part. I finished them in time for her 21st birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie! 


  1. Pretty pjs and your binding looks excellent.

  2. That is an adorable little pj set. The fabric is so pretty, and your workmanship is superb :)

  3. These are so cute! They look very comfy too. Hope you manage to find the Hello Kitty fabric!

  4. So cute, and they look super comfy too. A Hello Kitty set will be awesome - hope you can find that fabric!