Wednesday, January 22, 2014

laceweight sweaters

Remember this sweater? When I finished it last year, my daughter wasn't around to try it on and I had mailed it to her, hoping that it would fit. So glad that it fits, with exactly the right amount of ease! She wore it and brought it back home for laundering. Washing handknits is not a problem for her because she is used to handwashing. But getting the wet soggy limp mess of yarn back into shape isn't so easy for someone who doesn't knit, especially in the case of delicate sweaters knit out of laceweight yarn. So she wisely brought it home :) It has now been washed and none the worse for it.

This is the first sweater I knit with lace weight yarn. The second is the lavendar mohair sweater which is knit in stockinetter. I find that laceweight wool yarn makes good sweaters. First, they are incredibly light, weighs next to nothing. Secondly, they have a delicate look which is great if you are trying to avoid the bulky handknit sweater look. Thirdly, they do keep you warm, at least in milder cold temperatures. My daughter did not use to like handknit sweaters in the past because I used thicker (double knitting or sportweight) yarn and the sweaters were bulkier and heavier. She prefers wearing light sweaters. Now that I've discovered laceweight sweater knitting, there's definitely going to be more laceweight sweaters to come. I've also relaised that sweaters look very cute worn with a fluted skirt. I think my daughter needs a fluted skirt or two to go with her sweaters :)


  1. Very cute sweater and nicely done! I am sure your daughter love it very much :)
    I agree with you, I think a fluted skirt will be great to match with it.

  2. A really beautiful knit and it looks like it fits your daughter perfectly.

  3. This is so cute! Your daughter is so lucky to have a knitting mom!

  4. That sweater is fabulous! I love the color and the lace pattern. xoxo