Friday, October 25, 2013

pastel for her, grey and black for me

I've been knitting the Michael Kors cape. So far, the pattern's been a breeze, almost mindless knitting. The 9 stitch cable is pretty interesting. Initially I thought there was an error because after rows 1 and 2 of the cable, they didn't look anything like the cables in the photo. Then I realised that the cables crossed further to the left in row 3. It's the first time I've knitted a cable that crossed over 2 consecutive right side rows. The good thing is that I'm getting gauge, I think. It's a bit difficult to measure for gauge where ribbing or cabled knitting is concerned, but I'm more or less spot on. It all depends on how I block it when I'm done. As for row gauge, I'm one row less but I can live with it. I'm knitting the 3rd ball of yarn. According to the pattern, I will need 8 balls of yarn, so I'm about one-thirds done :)

Meanwhile, I've have lots of other things on my mind, like planning the next knit. It will be a fuzzy mohair sweater. These fuzzy sweaters have been popping up all over, in the fall magazines and Instagram. Don't they look so nice and fuzzy and light? I'm knitting it for my daughter and I've got the yarn, just need to look for a pattern. Probably in a cropped style because my daughter is petite and because I don't really know how much yarn I have. But more on this after I finish the cape.

Other than knitting, I've also been thinking of sewing. First, a jacket coat for my daughter, like these adorable jackets. I have already got the pattern but I have no idea what fabric to choose, so for a start I might explore fleece. Do you have any suggestions for me? Knowing my daughter she would want something pastel.

Then there's also sewing for me. I've been collecting pictures of clothes that I would like to wear, as a reference of what to sew for myself. I've been drawn to simple boxy tops like the one below for some time now, but I need to sew them in black print fabrics like this. My previous tops like this and this are the right styles but in the wrong fabrics for me. 

Then these fluted skirts have caught my eye too, but I'm not sure if they are a bit too fancy for me. But I just might be able to get away with it if it was in a sober grey or black.

The top below is also nice and simple and I like the contrast collar. Did you notice that the clothes pictured here for me are all in black and grey? I really, really like greys and blacks, so I should keep an eye out for such fabrics when I go fabric shopping again. Meanwhile I don't foresee any sewing until I'm done knitting the cape.

And you know something else? The other day, while I was exploring the new Diorskin Nude BB cream, I had a bit of time and there wasn't anyone else at the counter, and the makeup consultant gave me a makeover. It was so fun, I haven't had a makeover for so long. I liked the look he created for me so much that I ended up buying all the stuff you see here. It's nice once in a while to pamper yourself and get girly stuff.


  1. Erin, You have wonderful taste. I love the different textures and shapes you have highlighted. All beautiful. I think that's the trick with black and grey - mixing textures and shapes. Lovely. I don't wear black much anymore as I find it washes me out, but I do love all things grey.

    The cape and the mohair sweater are also absolutely lovely. I must admit that although I check gauge I am sometimes very lazy (ahem approximate) when it comes to cables and gauge. :) Good for you for being more rigorous!

    Oh and the jackets for your daughter are so chic! I wouldn't know what to suggest as I am a very casual seamstress of limited capability!

  2. Some fabulous clothes here. I do wish it was easier to come by the Japanese knitting magazines in the UK.

  3. The cape is looking absolutely lovely! and especially in that divinely pretty colour. Mohair must be the in thing, I'm just finishing up a mohair jumper too :)

  4. Your cape's looking lovely!...I love cable knitting... I used to knit a lot with mohair yarn too a few years ago and it's so soft and pretty and usually quick to knit...I especially like it in pastel colours...
    Susan x

  5. Love all the outfits, especially the boxy top! That mohair sweater is to die for, I'm looking forward to your version of it!