Sunday, May 05, 2013

MMM2013 week 1

Since I am posting everyday on Flickr for MMM2013, I decided to do a weekly round up for my blog.

MMM2013 Day 1 was a public holiday, and a very hot day at that so I wore my linen tunic and shorts. When my daughter was taking this photo for me she asked why my shorts were so crumpled. Well, sweetie, I didn't iron them! After all, it was Labour Day, a day of rest from labour once a year :)

MMM2013 Day 2 was a workday. I wore my my first me-made bias skirt. My goodness, it's 7 years old! Just the day before wearing it, I shortened the skirt by 2.5 inches and it looks less frumpy now than back in 2006. I hardly wear this skirt because I have difficulty co-ordinating it. But this time, I was determined to find a suitable top to go with it, so I opened my cupboard doors and went through all my clothes and found this top - why didn't I think of it before? I really like this outfit and I think I'm going to be wearing it to death from now on. Can you tell that I love playing with my phone photo apps? For this photo, I used a Chinese app called Meitu to blur the background and Snapeee to add the lacey frame and words. By the way, that's me having breakfast at a hawker centre at 7 am.

For MMM2013 Day 3, I wore my handknit Maggie - an old Rowan pattern. I knitted it in 2005 or earlier, in a Katia acrylic yarn, which is surprising cooling for my weather. So this me-made is another oldie, been in my closet for at least 8 years. Have not been wearing it lately, but so glad that it still fits! MMM2013 is making me re-discover my old clothes.

Although my MMM2013 pledge was to wear me-made only on weekdays, I decided to try it everyday, so on Saturday, I wore a crochet vest over my tank top and carried my high tea bag. Both were made in 2006. When my daughter saw the bag, she commented, "nice bag, mum, you haven't used it in a long time!" I carried it around the whole day and realised that it's a great bag for weekends, so I'm definitely going to re-use this bag again on weekends.

For MMM2013 Day 5, I wore my Foxy tank top from Rowan Vol 27. Another old handknit (from 2008) that I have not worn in ages. It was surprisingly comfortable and cooling because it is knit in Sirdar Luxury Soft 100% Natural Cotton 4 ply. However, this fitted type of style is not what I wear anymore these days. So it's unlikely that I will wear it often, but I might wear it again occasionally. I have more old handknits to dig out from the depths of my closet, so see you next week with another MMM2013 update.


  1. Lovely outfits... You have found the perfect matching top to your skirt of day 2. This challenge has forced you, in a way, to have a closer look at your wardrobe and find things that you had forgotten. It is fun.

  2. Your outfits looks nice and it's a good opportunity to figure out what to make that you'll actually wear. I don't always make things I wear (which is ok if I'm just doing it to learn something), but it's good to have the knowledge.

    I was going to say that the fitted, ribbed knit top would be cute over a blouse or long sleeved tee, but then I forget that you're living in the heat!