Sunday, March 24, 2013

no sew

I had intended to sew my skirt this weekend, but one thing ledto another and in the end, I have yet to cut the fabric. 

It's been extremely hot here lately, the temperatures hoveringat 30°C and above. It calls for wearing thin t-shirts and shorts. I have thisvery soft peach t-shirt whose neckline is too big. I cut a slit in the frontof the neckband and threaded a thin strand of peach coloured string through theneckband and used it like a drawstring to make the neckband smaller. Problemsolved J Ireally love simple solutions like these. 

My son (almost 13) has a cooking test in schooltomorrow for his home economics class. He practiced cooking his dish of chickenbaked rice over the weekend to make sure he could complete all his tasks frompreparation to cooking, cleaning up and presentation within time. I had theprivilege of taste-testing the dish. It’s yummy and I hope he will cook it fordinner for the family one of these days. It’s not something that we usuallycook at home, but I like it because it is simple and tasty and will make a nicechange. Can you tell that I also like the dish very much because I won’t haveto lift a finger since my son will be doing the cooking? 

Even though the weekend was not productive in terms of sewing, I still appreciated having 2 days off work. Here's wishing you a good productive week ahead, preferably with yummy coffee and cake!

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  1. Clever fix! I don't think I'd even have brain function in that kind of heat! You are superwoman.

    Your son's meal looks yummy. I'd give him an A and encourage his chef homework ;-)