Monday, February 04, 2013

what I did over the weekend

Over the weekend, I did some knitting and sewing. Sewing was in the form of altering and repairing clothes. I shortened the shoulder straps of a tank top and shortened and re-hemmed the circle skirt of a dress for my daughter. They are such small details, but make a world of difference when clothes fit better. I also replaced the old elastic waistband on my favourite skirt.

The skirt is 14 years old, and the old elastic waistband as you can see above, was worn and stretched out. I replaced it with the same kind of elastic waistband, see below. It is quite nifty to sew. I just have to fold the elastic in half lengthwise, sandwich the fabric between it and sew. 

As for knitting, I found this vest w-i-p. All that was left was knitting the shoulder of one of the front pieces. I completed that and seamed everything together. 

The button bands and armhole bands are finished with a crochet border. I crocheted one of the armhole bands to see if I have enough yarn. Well, it confirmed that I don't have enough yarn to complete the crochet border for the button bands and armhole bands. So I will have to put this aside until I can go and buy some yarn.

My daughter introduced me to a Japanese rock band (called One Ok Rock) and this is one of their songs. Hope you like it.

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