Friday, February 01, 2013

mini update

Where did January go? I am still having fun with phone apps. Edited these photos using NaverCamera, a Korean app. I have also downloaded the Blogger phone app. It's useful for uploading photos directly from the phone, but it seems to require html for editing. So it looks like I will still have to edit my posts using a computer.

I have also picked up my knitting again. Found these wristwarmers w-i-p in a cupboard. I have made some progress since this picture was taken and now I am left with knitting the 2 thumbs. Meanwhile, I am still hunting around in cupboards, under tables and in nooks and cranies for long forgotten w-i-ps. I should have some projects lying around that are near completion, with seaming and finishing left to do. Hopefully I find them and get some free time during the weekend to work on them. Have a good weekend!

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