Thursday, February 28, 2013

last year's fabric

Before work swallowed up all my creative energy last year, I had gone shopping for fabric. Now, half a year later, I have no idea what I bought the fabric for. Thankfully though, I had made a list of sewing plans for the fabric at the time of purchase, and saved it as a draft post on Blogger. Looking through the list now, it is clear to me that I had obviously done a bit of thinking before I went fabric shopping because the list contains things that I would wear to work. 

The plan is for a simple straight skirt made from this viscose fabric (S$15 for 1.25 yds 60 inches width). It should co-ordinate well with my many black tops.

This black and white print satin fabric (S$8.75 for 1.25 yds 60 inches width) is going to become a swingy (trapeze) blouse or top. It will be for work and should brighten up my black skirts and pants. 

Next is this olive green faux suede (S$20 for 1.25 yds 60 inches width). Somehow my iphone is incapable of capturing the correct colour of the fabric, which is a really deep olive green instead of the muddy colour you see in the photo below. The plan is to sew it into a pair of elastic waist pyjama pants. Do not be fooled by my calling it pjyama pants because this is also going to be work wear. I am hoping that it will look work appropriate and less pyjama-like if I wear it with heels and a nice dressy top. Well, at least that's the plan.

Strangely, the list in my old draft blog post did not refer to this caramel faux suede. So I'll decide later what I want to make with it.


  1. you are so talented and creative it's going to be beautiful whatever you decide to create.

    I'm sewing curtains...there's a straight line on the fabric for me to 30+ year Singer hums along while I push my bare foot on the pedal (I tell myself a bare foot gives me more control)..this and a pillow is the total extend of my talents with fabric..

    can't wait to see what lovely garment you create!!

  2. I can't wait to see your sewing projects with these fabrics. I am hoping to get the courage to sew some clothing this year.