Tuesday, April 03, 2012

coming along

I like to sew for my daughter. We have similar tastes in clothes and it's fun choosing fabric and designs with her. She recently asked for a cropped top with a Peter Pan collar. She selected this pale blue fabric with tiny white polka dots from my stash and chose the collar from my my new crochet book.

I drew a pattern for a sleeveless cropped top with a scooped neckline. I wouldn't call it drafting a pattern. What I did was to take one of my daughter's tops and folded it in half lengthwise, and placed it on top of a piece of paper, aligning the folded edge of the top to the edge of the paper. Using a pin, I pricked holes around the outline of the shoulder and the armhole. Then I removed the top and just connected all the pin pricks, like drawing a kiddie dot-to-dot picture. I saw this nifty trick somewhere on the web, but I have forgotten where. For the neckline, I started with a Japanese pattern for the neckline because I had crocheted a collar to fit that particular neckline. In the end however, I had to modify the neckline because it was too low. If I raised the neckline, the collar would be too long for the neckline. So that the collar can still be used, I lowered the neckline at the back as well. I like it when a simple solution springs into my thick head to spare me the pain of crocheting a shorter collar. I still have the neckline and the hem to finish before I attach the collar. This top is so easy, it should take a couple of hours max to complete, but I have been busy watching Korean dramas. I love hilarious romantic comedies, the kind where I end up laughing out loud because it's too funny. Do you watch Korean dramas?

By the way, have you seen the preview of Vogue Knitting spring summer 2012? I wonder if it's in the bookshops yet, it looks like a must-buy issue!


  1. It is a beautiful collar. (by the way; knitting with black yarn works in daylight or under a very good lamp!)

  2. The use of the pin for 'painting' a design is wonderful, I must keep this in mind in any case because I already wondered how I could copy a top-pattern. Thank you so much for sharing this!