Monday, March 26, 2012

what I did

On Saturday, after dinner, we went to have dessert at Tong Shui at People's Park Centre, so I nipped into Golden Dragon, which was right next door, to get a ball of thread. I was their last customer for the day. The thread is earmarked for this collar from the "Tippet of Crocheted Love" book that I showed you in my previous post. I had to get thread because the crochet hook size is very small (Japanese size 2 = 1.5mm) and my cotton yarn (in my previous post) that I was intending to use was too thick. The thread was S$15. Hopefully there is enough thread to crochet 2 collars.

On Sunday afternoon, I did a bit of sewing. I hemmed my IKEA Lenda curtains. They were on sale, S$19 for a pair (usual price S$29). Not bad, I got 4 floor length curtains for my new sliding doors for S$38. They came un-hemmed at 250cm length with iron-on hemming tape. I folded up 28cm and hemmed it on my sewing machine instead. You can see my new balcony through the glass doors. With the polycarbonate awning and bamboo blinds, it looks (and feels) like a sun room. I'm thinking that this is going to be an ideal place for me to take FO photos in the future.

What else did I do during the weekend? I started the left front of my blue vest and managed to knit quite a fair bit.

What I didn't do - I didn't start sewing the blouse for my daughter. I have yet to find a suitable pattern to modify. One more thing. I deleted my Pinterest because I was uncomfortable with their terms. You can read more about them here and here.

Food lately - kim choo bak chang. Bak chang are glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.

To eat, remove leaves.

The big one on the right has traditional meat filling with mushrooms and chestnut. The smaller ones have nonya (peranakan) minced meat filling. yum!


  1. Oh those dumplings look good! Yum!

    My suggestion for a top for your daughter would be along the lines of the Scout Woven Tee available here with a pdf:

    It's very versatile and you could make some for yourself too ;-)

  2. This collar is beautiful. I am looking forward to hearing how you're getting on... Your balcony looks really nice!
    Hope you find the right pattern for your daughter's blouse..

  3. Lovely collar! Bak chang looks interesting and tasty, and totally different than our "Scandinavian kitchen".