Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home Alone

I am home alone tonight, well for 2-3 hours at least. My husband is working late, my son is at camp and my daughter is at some school activity, having dinner with a group of Japanese exchange students. Can you tell how excited I am to have this alone time? I am going to drink brown rice green tea and eat grapes and kit kat because that's all I can find in the fridge for an indulgent snack, while I blog.

I wanted to show you this corner that I cleaned up. It's the stairway landing outside my daughter's bedroom. In the before photo, can you tell who is the culprit who cluttered up this space? Hint: do you see yarn? I have to admit that all the clutter there belonged to me. Bags of half completed knitting and shoe boxes of yarn.

The ottoman has been moved back to the living room where it belongs, right next to its matching wingback armchair. Let's hope that this landing doesn't become a place for my clutter anymore.

For 2 weeks I didn't bring salad to work for lunch. Week before last, I was at a workshop where lunch was provided. Last week, I just got too busy. This week I am back to my salads. For variety, I had mushrooms and bergedil (potato cutlet).

I discovered that silken tofu doesn't have to be cooked and tastes great dipped in Gomae - Japanese sesame dressing. If you ever come across Gomae, you really must try it! I'm going to enjoy a bit of peaceful knitting now. I haven't knit in weeks. Have a good night, my friends.


  1. Home alone...oh how I love those few moments.
    I have clutter in every corner of the house - I clean and before long...well, it's back to looking messy again.
    I love the portions of food you serve -
    it looks so good and I really need to adjust
    how much I eat.
    I use small plates and cups but I think I put too much food on them.
    I love how orderly your food is displayed, we do eat with our eyes first.
    I don't know where this has come from - McDonalds maybe?? super sizing everything..
    Did you see that burger on my blog??? Yuck!!
    I'll take lovely fresh salads every day of the week:-)

  2. I like home alone. Which happens most mornings except during the school holidays. Green tea and kit kat sounds great too. Good job in the decluttering, that's what I need to do in a while's time instead of blogging. I like your healthy lunch boxes, many times better than fast food.


  3. I was going to have a weekend alone while my kids and husband were going to go to the snow...BUT it's really stormy and my husband didn't want to drive in those conditions plus i didn't want the kids to be stuck in may happen next week though...
    but tonight we all had pizza, watched a movie, and enjoyed the warmth inside while all is wet outside...
    alone time is nice...enjoy =)

  4. New to your blog spot & knitting in Singapore. Pls forgive me for intruding. For some reason, your staircase landing felt "warmer" before the decluttering. Looks to me now the landing's calling for a cosy armchair and open shelving for your crafting/yarn stash.

  5. I know this relieved feeling when a cluttered corner is suddenly looking empty and clean again. But this is such a lovely littel corner and you could well use it always for storing your crafting items there. Maybe a little shelf filled with pretty boxes for your yarn would look good, a small craft corner just for yourself. Wouldn´t this be lovely and maybe even inspiring whenever you pass by?
    Tonight I am alone at home, too, and I dearly wish I would have one of your delicious looking dishes in my kitchen waiting for me. But I fear an old slice of bread and some cheese have to do and are all that´s left from our weekend food.