Saturday, March 03, 2012

fast and easy sewing

While I was sorting things out for next Saturday's flea market, I found 2 old t-shirts. A quick cut, sew the seams, corner gusset and a channel for inserting lace.

Now they serve as bags for my daughter's ballet shoes and pointe shoes.

Lunch: garlic bread, cream of chicken soup and chicken caesar's salad

Dinner: masala thosai

Supper: buttered sweet bun and coffee with milk at Toast Box.

I like the all white decor at Toast Box. This outlet was unusually empty so I took a few photos.

The tables and chairs are charmingly white too and the flooring is old school black and white mosaic tiles. The small bottles on the tables are not salt and pepper shakers but dark soya sauce and pepper bottles. Condiments for eating half boiled eggs.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comments on my Saroyan scarf! It is a lovely pattern, isn't it? And I've just found a pattern for a Woodland shawl on Ravelry which has those leaves used in the edging, but all over :)
    Just had a look at the dress you just made. It's absolutely beautiful. Not only beautiful, but looks comfy to wear too! Could be the perfect dress.