Saturday, March 17, 2012

crafty start to my weekend

My weekend craft-ivities include altering 2 tank tops for my daughter, knitting and browsing the latest addition to my library, Keitodama issue no.153. This is an interesting issue, with shetland lace and fair isle.

My daughter won some shopping vouchers and the 2 tank tops were part of her voucher buys. She bought the red tank top because of the laser cut scallops at the neckline, armhole and hem. It needed only a bit of taking in the seams at the armpit. Thankfully that was all, because the fabric is very slippery to sew. She bought the other tank top for the Peter Pan collar and the polka dots. It is bias cut, or more accurately it is almost circle cut. The width at the hem is amazing. Since I had to take in the armhole seams, I also narrowed the tent-like hem. It has a more flattering shape now, see below.

What I'm really proud of is the french seams I sewed, following Jen's tutorial. Thanks, Jen! Happy little dance :) It's nice to have a crafty start to my weekend. It's 2pm on Saturday for me here. My son has just come back from band camp and camp must have been highly motivational. As soon as he reached home, he took his bath and is now practising his baritone! The sound of music is in the air. Hope you are enjoying your weekend too!


  1. I love the polka dot dress!

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  3. Don'tcha just love french seams? They're still my fave way to finish clothing...even over the serger. Crazy, huh? But it just looks so nice and neat when it's finished. Great job!
    Kristina J.

  4. Oh Erin, the dotted top is so very pretty, although I have to say that I loved the tent-shape, too. But with your alterations it looks very wearable now, could imagine it so well worn with black summer trousers. (Sigh - this are the moments when I wish I would be in my twenties again to wear such charming items and above all be still slim enough to make them look good on me). Love your first picture a lot, it has every thing for a great weekend, the colours and the pattern, your cosy blue yarn and a new book. And if there is homemade music in the background, too, - well, then it´s simply perfect!

  5. You've had a very crafty weekend !

    I spent Saturday frantically finishing a very beary special make for my daughter! Pop over to my blog if you fancy a look!

    Happy Knitting
    Fleur xx