Saturday, February 04, 2012

this week's clean a corner

Sorting out my clothes cupboard took one hour. By sorting I do not mean organising and hanging by colour scheme or anything like that. What I did was to decide whether to keep to throw out my clothes. Most of the time was spent trying on clothes and convincing myself it was time to let them go. In the end, I threw out some dead clothes (that had lost their shape or had fallen apart from too many years of wear and tear) and set aside these clothes for selling at the next flea market. I am still thinking whether I should refashion any of these items.

I am pleased that I had cleaned out all the dust bunnies (how on earth does dust get inside a cupboard that is closed all day?) but I have a feeling that I wasn't ruthless enough in culling my clothes. By the way, you can see some of my hand-knits at the bottom. The pink and red on the right are 2 knitted shawls and there are some hand-knit cotton sweaters in the piles on the left.

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  1. It´s great that you allow us a look at your cabinet, the colours all are getting so very well together, lots of black basics with soft coloured shirts look fabulous. And your post reminded me, that I once also tried on every single item to find out whether to keep or to go, I think that´s really a good way to let them go. Maybe you could now use some of the go-clothes to 'play' with them? Try new techniques and inspiration and if it really fails then it´s not too bad. (Must keep this in mind for the next time I de-clutter my own clothes)
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy every morning when opening your cupboard,
    with best wishes,