Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day

My daughter made these for Valentine's Day. Cute, no?

Sorry for the bad photo below, it was already late at night when I took them out of the fridge and the plastic gift bag was beginning to fog up. I wanted to show you the stick with a row of choc hearts.

Ingredients: Cadbury's milk chocolate, Glico Pocky and chocolate moulds from Daiso. My daughter said that making them was easy enough. But the difficult part was how to make sure they didn't melt before she gave them away! Our weather is so warm, chocolate melts very quickly at room temperature. I suggested that she freeze them overnight and thankfully they did last long enough.

I have been so caught up with bringing lunch to work that I got myself this set of melamine crockery from Daiso. Food tastes better on pretty plates.

My lunch lately has been sandwiches and more sandwiches. Mini tuna croissant-wiches, cashew nut cookies (leftover from Chinese New Year), mandarin orange and apple tea.

Chicken and olive sandwiches, salad and brown rice green tea. I need to stock up on salad fixings as I have run out of macaroni and salad dressing. Last week, I didn't bring any packed lunches because I didn't have time. Just as well I didn't because friends called up and I had the pleasure of meeting them for lunch.

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