Saturday, January 14, 2012

sew 2012

Lucky me! I won a giveaway at Lyn's blog for her Love quilt pattern - her own design. Thanks, Lyn for such a generous giveaway! If you click on the link you can see her finished Love quilt. I'm going to give this quilt a try. I like how it can be done, one block at a time, at leisure, no rush (that really appeals to me). It's designed to be done over 10 months. Plus it has embroidered squares. I haven't embroidered in ages and was looking for a way to get started, so this is the perfect project for me to do a bit of embroidery. And best of all are the Love quotes in the embroidery squares. I'm going to read  the instructions carefully and then think about colours and fabric. It's going to be a fun learning experience. By the way, can you see that pretty card in the photo below? It comes with the recipe for that yummy looking cupcake. Isn't that a brilliant idea for a card?

I also received Grand Revivals Design's Practical Bag pattern, compliments of Tanya for sharing the Amazon link to her book "Sew What You Love" on  my Facebook. Thanks Tanya, for the pattern! 

Looks like I am all set for my 2012 "sew something every month"!


  1. Congratulations....'and I have no doubt this is the beginning to a great new year!!!!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Hey, that's great! Lovely patterns!

  3. Oh my, this quilt is so very beautiful, you are really lucky to have won it, my congratulations. Winning such a beauty is surely the best start to make it finally, to give the final push so to say. I often see pretty designs and I often even buy the pattern but then finally never even start making them. But have won it with all the ingredients - I am already looking forward to see your way month by month of creating.