Saturday, January 07, 2012

miss those lazy December days

This week the kids went back to school, which means waking up at 6 plus am and having to make sure they have clean, ironed uniforms the night before. I miss the lazy December days where we slept late, and did nothing much at home. Lazy days = no cooking. Making pizzas with wraps doesn't count as cooking. Don't be fooled by my pics, I did not make pizza dough from scratch. I bought Gardenia wraps, mozarella cheese, tomato paste, bacon and capsicum. The kids assembled them into this:

put it into the oven and it turned into this:

Confession: our family of four ate up all the 5 wraps, the can of tomato paste, the entire 250g (shudder) package of cheese, the packet of bacon (at least it was back bacon and not streaky bacon) and the capsicum (the only no-fat part of this meal!!) Oh and also 5 eggs! We broke and spread an egg on top of each pizza before putting it into the oven. My kids were rather doubtful when I suggested adding the egg because it sounded like a strange thing for a pizza, but after they tried it, they liked it. Having an egg on top of my pizza brought me right back to my university days when my husband (then boyfriend) and I ate a lot of Pizza Supremes at Milano's. It's the only pizza I know that had eggs on top. Sadly, Milano's has closed down a long time ago. It was a Singapore owned pizza chain but it couldn't compete with the bigger pizza chains. 


  1. Oooh, the pizza looks delicious! I have never tried an egg on top of my pizza, but that sounds interesting.

  2. Oh yum! I think it sounds delicious -- and now I'm hungry!

    My kids went back to school this past Monday. I'm conflicted -- I really miss them, but I love having some structure back!

  3. I would have never thought to try an egg on top my pizza!