Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lunch box update

By week 2 of bringing lunch to work, the novelty of eating the same pre-packaged salad leaves had worn off. Plus, the pre-packaged salad leaves seem over-priced to me. It was time to explore other lunch box ideas. 

Thinking outside the box, I decided to start with foods I like and build my lunch around that. I thought of  Kimchi and made rice, macaroni and kimchi salad. Perfect.

At the supermarket I was looking for a cheaper alternative to pre-packaged salad leaves. I found a small cabbage for 80cents. Why didn't I think of that? Japanese meals are often accompanied by shredded cabbage, which I like. So I had shredded cabbage and tomatoes (under the ham and sausage) with kimchi and crunchy seedless grapes. Packing kimchi in the little airtight boxes was a sensible option because it has a very strong smell! The only problem with cabbage is that it is, how do I put this delicately, err ... gassy? 


  1. Lunches can be a challenge, but I love the bento box idea!

  2. your lunch looks great. i do lunch box a lot too.

    sure, i will show how my daikon is doing. grow yet though, but it will be soon.
    i did the same thing last year, have you already seen it? or may i direct you where to go?