Monday, January 02, 2012

First FO for 2012

It feels good to start 2012 with an FO! This is the lace trim bolero from Vogue Knitting spring summer 2005. I was too lazy to knit the lace edging and then sew it on. So I knitted the lace edging along the edge of the bolero following these instructions. It's a neat way of attaching the edging by knitting into a stitch on the bolero and slipping the stitch over.

Even so, I had to re-knit several times because I couldn't decide how close to space the edging. In the end, I settled for skipping every other row / stitch. I don't like this bolero. It is too bulky. The fabric is thicker than what I would have liked. I steam ironed it to death in an attempt to flatten it as much as possible.

Pattern: VK spring summer 2005 lace trim bolero
Yarn: Palermo cotton from Stahl sche Wolle
Needle: 3.75 mm

I've had this yarn for more than 10 years. Each time I tried to knit or crochet with it, it never looked right. I think it's because the yarn knits up too thick. But I am still glad to have completed it. It was a satisfying stash buster. 


  1. First FO already - that's fabulous! :)

  2. Well done! What a great start to the New Year! Pity you are not entirely happy with it, although it looks lovely from here!...

  3. Your bolero is lovely, I am so impressed with the lace trim! Please teach me!!!

  4. Hi there, I think it's gorgeous! :)

  5. Wow, even though you think it's too bulky, it really looks beautiful! Truly, what a lovely piece of clothing. I would be so proud to wear it :)

  6. Very cute and how great to already have an FO!

  7. Love it! I am inspired, and will look for the pattern.