Monday, January 16, 2012

cheap and quick fix

My daughter has a pair of shorts that is a bit too short and she asked me help refashion it like this pair of shorts.

I unpicked the hem, and let it down by 2 cm. That was all I could do since the hem allowance was very small. Then I sewed on some ecru cotton lace trim by hand. The lace trim is from Daiso, 1.5m for S$2. Now the shorts is 3 cm longer. 

There was just enough lace trim left for me to hand sew them to the back pockets as well. This re-fashion took 2 nights. One night to unpick the hem and another night to sew the trim. I love cheap and quick fixes for clothes.


  1. They look great! It is so hard to find shorts that are just the right length. It seems they are either really short or go to the knees.

  2. I love the idea of giving a new lease of life to old and favourite clothes. You did a great job in transforming those shorts!...

  3. It´s wonderful, looks so very good now. Not that the shorts didn´t looked good before, too, but now they own the wonderful little personal touch. I always love clothes with this individual addings, makes them even more belonging to a person. (Must really keep this more in my mind and try it ,too, with my own clothes this year) Your daughter must be very happy and proud to have such a dear, patient and talented mother.