Sunday, December 11, 2011

gift wrapping

I'm meeting my girlfriends for tea this week, and we will have our gift exchange, so I sat down to do some gift wrapping. I don't usually give handmade gifts but this year, I started knitting washclothes in February. Knitted washcloths, Body Shop bath gel and Face Shop masks.

Took only one photo of the washcloths with my phone camera before I wrapped them up. My Canon Ixus died after being my blog's official camera for 6 years. My husband wanted to buy me a camera to replace it but I'm not in a hurry. After all, there are 3 other cameras in this house aside from 3 phone cameras. I just need to learn how to use them :)

Crocheted gift tags.

Hot pink star (left) from the royal sisters grandma twinkle tutorial
Yellow, blue-grey and white stars (middle) from woolnhook

This is a gift for my friend's niece, a teenage girl. Forgot to take a pic of the cute Hello Kitty bath set inside. How about you, have you wrapped up your gifts yet? 


  1. What beautiful gifts! Love the crocheted tags to match.

  2. Oh so pretty...your friends are going to be so blessed. Handmade is the BEST!!! Love your sweet ideas.
    Hugs for a great week.

  3. What a wonderful way to show your holiday love!

    Sweet & festive!

  4. I love your sweet crochet tags, they put a nice touch to your presents.
    Our Xmas tree is up (I gave in under the children's pressure) and our cat has already started playing with the decorations (I suppose everyone should have fun!)

  5. ohh i love your hand knitted cloth. i made lots of like that before...must do it again.
    do you make lot of things handmade for your own use too?
    i really enjoy having handmade around the house. thanks for sharing your life.