Saturday, December 17, 2011

December nights

I have been more relaxed and enjoying my free time at night.  My husband has been in a cooking mood lately, planning what to cook for dinner, preparing the ingredients, doing everything. He doesn't follow recipes. Just throws in a dash of this and that, but it always tastes good.

His latest concoction: Crab Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli). There were 2 crabs in there, braised in lots of ginger and garlic, chicken stock and seasoned with sesame oil, soya sauce, pepper and mirin. It was so delicious, I hope we'll have it again soon!

I have finished knitting the pieces of my bolero. Seamed it up while enjoying kueh bangkit and chrysanthemum ginseng tea. I am now reading up on how to knit the lace along the edge instead of knitting a long strip and sewing it on.

In between knitting, I been browsing holiday magazines. I did not buy any holiday magazines this year. However I do have a stash of old ones. In the spirit of recycling, I'm browsing cookie recipes and crafts from Christmases past.

I have also found time to sit in the dark for a quiet moment and turn on the snowflakes string lights and star lights from Ikea strung around our wooden screen. From my wing chair in the corner I can also enjoy my Christmas tree lights. Hope you're having some relaxing December nights too.