Sunday, October 16, 2011

things from leftovers

I have been making flower pins from scraps of leftover fabric, yarn and old buttons. They are for a flea market stall at the end of the month. It's the first time my daughter and I are having a flea market stall. It's organised by the nearby community centre and we thought it would be fun to give it a go. We're selling clothes, bags and accessories and have one table (size unknown). Working out how to price our items and how to display things.

I made some fabric flowers, but I like the crochet ones better, so I made more of the crochet ones.

I have found a new fave dessert. It's from Pique Nique at Takashimaya. They have comfy wing chairs at tables for two.

Salty caramel pancakes with whipped cream. Not very photogenic but they're the best pancakes I've ever had!

By the way, my daughter says that their banana caramel milkshake is awesome. I didn't dare to even take a sip of it, it looked like it would kill me on the spot with a bazillion calories :)


  1. Your flowers are beautiful, crochet and fabric ones. I hope you sell lots!

  2. Good luck. That's is so sweet that mother and daughter are teaming up to sell at a stall. Those are very nice flowers.

    Yummy! Those look sinful. I bet there were delicious.

  3. Both the fabric and crocheted flowers are lovely. I hope you sell lots and lots.

  4. salted caramel pancakes sound yummy!

  5. I enjoy looking at all your food discoveries as much as your knitting! I honestly am terrible at the craft because I have no patience. :S