Friday, July 29, 2011

Sewing for myself

Remember this red dress? I wore it out the first time to have dessert with my family at night,and I felt comfortable in it. The second time I wore it to work, I felt awkward the entire day. I realised it's because I don't normally wear dresses in this type of floral print to work. So I should wear the dress on days when I'm not going to work. But the problem is, when I am not at work, I hardly wear dresses. So ... I cut off the dress just under the bust and sewed back the bottom part of the skirt.

It feels much more "me" now and I'm sure I will get more wear out of this as a top. I wore it out the whole day, and that's why it looks so crumpled.

Lesson learnt. I should sew things that I would feel comfortable wearing. A good reference point would be to look at clothes that I already like to wear. When I am not at work, you will find me in jeans, which means that I can sew tops to wear with jeans. For work I gravitate towards simple neutrals. If I want to sew skirts and dresses then they should be in neutral colours like black, grey, taupe, beige and in work appropriate designs. There goes my dream of sewing pretty floral spring dresses. Who am I kidding anyway? Of the 10 or so dresses I have in my cupboard, none are floral, and only one is made from a paisley patterned fabric. After that bit of self analysis, I decided to abandon the idea of sewing this dress. Luckily I have not cut the fabric yet.

By the way, if you like re-fashioning, here's the link to an interesting DIY, for turning 2 large men's tshirts into a stylish dress with the coolest pockets.


  1. It looks adorable...I laughed at the "me" comment.
    I was just thinking a few minutes ago how I don't feel like "me" on the outside matches the "me" on the inside.
    Speaking of dresses, I hope to find a skirt this week while shopping - the "me" on the inside wears skirts.
    Have a great weekend:)

  2. Well I like it as a dress and as a top. I love the way you made it good for you to wear.

  3. I love both versions: dress or top. But you're right to stick to what you're sure to be wearing.
    My wardrobe could do with a bit of re-thinking...

  4. the print is absolutely gorgeous. but i agree, feeling comfortable is the most important thing in fashion & personal style.

  5. how clever! It looks great! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Thanks for checking out my little girl sweater & purse. It was good hearing from you!

  6. I so much understand your feeling of wearing the wrong dress at the wrong place. It´s the same with me, I have clothes for the home and different ones for our little town or Munich. And every time I am wearing the wrong clothes I am feeling so uncomfortably and unsure, it´s like everyone is looking at me and wondering (or laughing?). So I love how wise you are and having changed your dress. I would have stored it in my warderobe for a long time and finally gave it away for charity (mostly years too late when it is completely out of style), but changing it makes much more sense, that way you could still enjoy the lovely fabric and own a pretty handsewn tunic. And having said so and hearing your advice of noticing more often the inner me, I will have a closed look at my warderobe soon, I am sure that there are many clothes 'bodies' which are in an urgent need of some changes.