Sunday, February 13, 2011

bag lining repair

My daughter 's cute new bag had a green lining that was so flimsy that it was falling apart before she even used it. In the photo below, you can see how it has already come apart at the zipper seam. I found some leftover black satin to replace the lining.

Before: The old lining below had a zippered pocket. The construction seemed quite simple, so I decided to replicate it.

After: I re-used the the zipper to make the pocket in the new bag lining below. This is the first zippered pocket I have sewn :) It isn't perfectly done but I am happy enough with it.

When I removed the lining, the bag zipper had come off as well. I wasn't sure how to put it back together. So I decided to sew the lining to the bag first. Then re-attach the zipper. I took a closer look at one of my zipper bags and noticed that the raw edge of the zipper is tucked and sewn in. I followed that little trick.

I'm quite pleased with how it back came together. Sewing the zippers wasn't as traumatic as I had imagined and I didn't have to use the zipper foot!

It feels good to be able to fix things like this :)


  1. Very clever of you! I must confess that I might have given up. Zips are my sewing nightmare!

  2. The bag looks perfect, bet your daughter was please and impressed how talented a Mom she has:)
    The food on the earlier blog - wonderful, I'm sure it tasted and smelled as good as it all looked.
    You cook & sew beautifully.

  3. Great fix! It looks much sturdier now. It is great to be able to fix things!

  4. Nice fix! I still find zippers quite intimidating... I need to find time to practice. :o)

  5. You´ve done a wonderful job, Erin, so very clever. I have never made such a pocket before, wouldn´t know how to cut into the fabric and how to include the pocket itself, especially the side edges are surely difficulty to make them neat without fraying.
    Your daughter must be very proud of having such a clever and talented mother!