Monday, September 06, 2010


Some of my clothes don't fit very well. It took me a long time to realise that I could fix the fit (sometimes).

This tshirt had a neckline that was a tad too wide. Whenever I wore it, I was always tugging and checking if my bra strap showed. I needed to make that neckline a bit smaller. When I saw these ruffled tshirts that are all the rage now, I thought of adding a ruffle to the neckline. But I am too lazy to make a long strip of ruffles. So I settled for an easier alternative: this white cotton edging. It is not that wide, just enough to prevent bra strap exposure. I hand-stitched it on with tiny stitches. I love to stitch by hand. It is neater than machine sewing because it can be invisible. Now I don't have to tug anymore and it cost me nothing because the edging was some leftover sitting in my basket of odds and ends. Don't you just like it when things can be fixed so simply?

Next is this tunic (below) that was too big for me but I bought it anyway because I loved the colour, the lace at the neckline and the floaty light fabric with crinkly pleats. Each time I wore it though, I felt frumpy because it was too loose, too long and the armhole was too big. It was essentially a shapeless sack albeit a floaty lacey sack ... see the "before" pic below. But I couldn't bear to give it away. Last month, I found a hole in the net lace at the shoulder. I had to think of how to fix that hole before it grew bigger.

I sewed the shoulder seam up, just below the tear. That way the net wouldn't unravel anymore. It also gave a smaller armhole. While I was at it, I sewed one row of shirring elastic under the bust, which drew in the gathers.

It fits better now, no more frumpy me. I have too many ideas brimming in my head for altering my clothes to fit better or look better. If only I had as much time to get myself organised enough to get them done.


  1. Those are fabulous fixes! The tunic looks totally different now - beautiful job!

  2. What a lovely idea to change not-fitting clothes, I especially love the lace border on your tshirt and how you altered the big armholes on your tunic. Mind you, I have a big pile of not-fitting clothes in my sewing room, all bought for the same reasons, I loved the fabric and they were a bargain and I always thought 'next winter I will alter them' but I rarely did. Although it´s such a satisfying feeling to have done so, an often completely new wardrobe with just some stitches here and there. So, with your advices and experiences added, I hope that at the end of next winter there is no pile left then.
    I also love to sew by and, this always gives me a feeling that an item is really made by hand, the only problem now is my eye sight, oh my, often it´s really hard getting old.

  3. Brillant ideas, a great way to make into "new".

  4. So innovative! I wish I could sew!