Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shirred sun-top

I used the same heather ross sundress pattern but shortened it to a top. It took one metre of fabric and 2 bobbins of elastic thread for the shirring. I made wider straps this time.

Yippee, I actually remembered to align the checks when I cut the fabric! Shirring on this fabric was easy as I could just follow the lines on the fabric.
The sash was added after the bodice was shirred. It was hand sewed with little stitches onto the side seams. This top is a definitely winner because she wore it the day after I finished it :)
This skirt with the cute print doesn't fit me anymore. It fits my daughter but it was too long.

So I cut off 8 inches from the hem. My goodness, she looks so grown up in this photo!

And before I go, I have to show you this photo I took of a page in Chic magazine. I'm in cardigan love! I must go and look for an old cardigan in my closet and buy some cute lace trim and make this Chanel lookalike. By the way, if you live in Singapore, Chic costs only S$2.80 and is published twice a month, on Thursday of the first and third week of the month. It has fabulous photography and styling and gives you the scoop on fashion in the local shops.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

no-pattern tunic

The patternless tunic is done, finally ... after, like, 3 months?!

I kept procrastinating on starting this project. As I didn't have a pattern, I had to think through how the various parts should be sewn and which parts should be sewn first.

Once I started cutting the pieces and sewing, it went quite fast. I made my daughter try out after every seam to see how it would hang. I had to make modifications (unpicking, cutting and re-sewing) along the way. It was my fault for drafting a pattern that was too wide and too long - the theory was that I could always narrow it down and shorten. It was a self fulfilling prophesy really. For future projects, I need to have the guts to draft a pattern that fits just right.

It's not too bad, but not entirely as I had visualised (see my earlier illustration below). First of all, the edge of the top part is wrong -there's some weird upward and outward look to it :) Second, the flap in the front wasn't supposed to be pleated. I forgot that the flap was supposed to be flat and the pleats were supposed to go under the flap. But fortunately it wasn't a major boo boo as there was only room for 2 teeny pleats on each side and the pleated flap still looks acceptable. Third, the tab down the front doesn't look sturdy enough, even though I used a double layer of fabric. I might sew 2 little round wood buttons to the tab if I can find the right ones. Lastly, the fabric is a bit too lightweight for the kind of drape I was aiming for, so it hangs rather listlessly, instead of having a bit more body, but oh well, it's a learning experience.

I sewed on the pockets after I had finished the tunic. Probably wasn't the best way to do it, but I had not figured out how to make the pockets yet when I started the project. I tried to make a pocket with gathers as in my illustration but it was disastrous! Eventually I had to abandon the cute gathered pocket and make do with a crocheted doily sewn onto the tunic. I like the wooden butterfly button. Oh I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the pocket. I wanted to show you that the pocket is lined with a blue floral fabric on the inside :)

I wonder if she'll wear it? We'll have to wait and see because she didn't seem the least bit excited about this one. Hopefully it will grow on her.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

this n that

Oh dear, I'm afraid this blog is turning into a sewing blog with no knitting or croheting . That's because I have very little free pockets of time at the moment and sewing somehow just fits better into those little bits. But I miss the knitting and crocheting. So I picked up some leftover yarn and started this. It's going to be a cushion cover. Crocheted on one side and knitted on the other.

I did a bit of crafting with my daughter's new top from a cool shop called "Pull and Bear". She tried it on a few months back and loved it but didn't buy it. Well, the top was on discount when we went back recently. So it followed her home. But there was a big bow that she didn't like. So I snipped it off ....

... sewed running stitches on one end, pulled, made it into a flower and sewed it back on.

A close up of the flower. I'm seeing a lot of clothes lately, with flowers embellished on them. Don't you think it would be such a fun d-i-y project to convert a plain Tshirt into an embellished one?

My daughter's been baking. She made dozens of these adorable cupcakes for teachers and friends for Teachers' Day. She used her usual plain cupcake recipe. After baking, she dug a bit of the top off, filled it with nutella and topped it off with half a strawberry, and dusted it with icing sugar. I love the icing sugar. It makes the cupcakes look a bit magical :) She made another batch for our cell group meeting at home. Everyone loves this!

She got a bit tired of baking cupcakes and tried out Alton Brown's chocolate chip cookie, the version where the butter is melted before creaming. It didn't give her plump looking cookies. They still spread out kind of flat but the good thing is that they had the chewy texture. Oh and she used only 1 cup of choc chips instead of 2 cups. She brought a box to share with her girlfriends in school.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I'm crocheting 2 of these doilies to finish some sewing project. I'll tell you more about it when (fingers crossed) I find the leftover fabric that I need to complete this project.

cheers :)