Monday, August 11, 2008

Hi, is anyone still reading this blog?

Three months since my last post but it really seems a much longer time ago. I had cut out the pieces of linen for this tunic sometime last year. It just sat on the shelf waiting for me to gather up my interest to sew it up. I finally summoned up enough interest to sew it up yesterday. Surprisingly, I am much more relaxed about sewing now. I don't break out in cold sweat anymore. I take my time. I let life interrupt, which means I sew one seam, get some laundry done, sew another seam, have lunch. I chat with my daughter while I try and figure out to attach one piece to another. It's a much more pleasant process this way. I wonder why I used to get so stressed about sewing before.

This is how the finished tunic looks like hanging behind the bathroom door, and it looks alright, doesn't it?

Until I put it on. Then you can see how big it is. The armholes are way too long.

The length is too long and it looks like maternity wear. Yet, despite its flaws, I'm quite content because the linen is comfortable and light to wear. So I'm going to close one eye to what's wrong with it and call it a day. I'm learning to let things go and trying hard not to sweat the small stuff. The secret seems to lie in identifying the small stuff. Hence, no more taking a hundred photos just to get the right one. I'm making do with these two, so please pardon the untidy hair in the one below and the flash photography in the one above.

Hope you are also having a relaxing time doing whatever you're doing. Till the next time, whenever that is!